Motion Designer

From brand flex to brand narrative and expression, we’re looking for creative motion thinkers who have the ability and edge to add value to our creative work with motion. You must be able to work at the studio collaboratively with our Creative Director, Design Directors, and wider design and marketing teams, so international motion artists applying, please ensure you can move to Auckland and work on a visa.

Mixing tone of voice into our motion is key, to creating interesting sequences, eases, and transitions that are playful, bouncy, dynamic, explosive and stretchy. You must be an After Effects ninja, working with a variety of graphic styles, assets and aesthetics in 2D and 3D worlds (you may have some Cinema 4D in your arsenal too), and you’re constantly seeking new tricks and plugins to add the sauce to your motion.

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Work with South

We are always interested to hear from talented and enthusiastic individuals eager to join our team, or partner your excellent creative services with South. Please send all portfolios and CVs to